Supreme Court Order Regarding These Vehicles

Supreme Court Order Regarding These Vehicles

Supreme Court Order Regarding These Vehicles

Supreme Court Order Regarding These Vehicles

The Supreme Court has withdrawn its March 27, 2020 order on BS-IV vehicles. All BS-IV vehicles sold after March 31 will no longer be registered. The Supreme Court has struck down the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association during a hearing on the sale and registration of BS-IV vehicles.

The country is allowed to sell a certain number of vehicles, the court said. But car manufacturers are taking advantage of this. That is why the old command is now being withdrawn. The next hearing in the case is set for July 23.

What will happen to those who have bought these vehicles?

BS-IV vehicles sold after March 31 were not registered. This means that only if the sale is made before March 31 will it be registered. If the dealer has not uploaded the data on the e-vehicle portal, its sale will not be considered valid. That’s why consumers will feel a big tweak.
What is the whole matter

Companies selling BS-IV vehicles were given an additional 10 days on March 27. Requested 10 days for sale due to lockdown. Now that this time is up, the Supreme Court has ordered the sale. The Supreme Court allowed the companies to sell 1,05,000 vehicles, but the auto companies sold 2,55,000 vehicles in 10 days.

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What will happen with the arrival of BS-6

Vehicle companies will also create new and lighter vehicles that will require filters. The BS-6 will require a special type of diesel particulate filter.

Which will not require more space in the bonnet of the vehicle. It will be mandatory to use selective catalytic reduction technology to filter nitrogen oxides.

Will help reduce air pollution. There will be less toxic elements in the air. Breathing will be facilitated. Compared to BS-4, BS-6 has less toxins that spread pollution.

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