Pradhanmantri Shramyogi Mandhan Yojana

Pradhanmantri Shramyogi Mandhan Yojana

Pradhanmantri Shramyogi Mandhan Yojana

Pradhanmantri Shramyogi Mandhan Yojana

If you have an Aadhaar card and a bank account, you can get Rs 3,000 per month. Under the government’s scheme, you will get Rs 3,000 as a pension, for which you need to have an Aadhaar card and a bank account. In PM Modi’s final budget, Piyush Goyal announced the PM Shram Yogi Manghan Yojana (PM SYM). Shram Yogi Mandhan Yojana is being started by the government. The scheme will provide monthly passion to the people working in the unorganized sector from the government. The government has laid down conditions for the scheme, which will provide Rs 3,000 per month.

The government has also notified the scheme. The Union Ministry of Labor and Employment said on Thursday that the scheme would benefit about 42 crore people in the unorganized sector.

Who can’t take advantage of this scheme?

The age of the worker should not be less than 18 years and not more than 40 years to avail the benefit of this scheme. If a person is already availing another Passion Scheme with the help of Central Government, he cannot avail of this scheme.
On the other hand for more information you can contact the labor offices and LIC centers of the Central and State Governments. The scheme from the government is for people like truckers, rickshaw pullers, construction workers, waste weavers, beedi makers, handlooms, agricultural workers, cobblers, laundresses, leather workers.
The government will involve people from small and unorganized sectors in this scheme.

Your income should not be more than 15,000?

The income of the beneficiaries of this scheme should not exceed Rs. 15000.

In addition, the person taking advantage of it needs to have a savings bank account and Aadhaar number.

Under this scheme, 18 year olds will have to deposit a monthly amount of Rs 55 and contribute the same amount. While a person of 40 years of age has to deposit Rs. 200 per month for adopting the scheme.

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