LPG Gas Cylinder Consumer Gets up to 50 Lakhs Free Insurance

LPG Gas Cylinder Consumer Gets up to 50 Lakhs Free Insurance

LPG Gas Cylinder Consumer Gets up to 50 Lakhs Free Insurance

LPG Gas Cylinder Consumer Gets up to 50 Lakhs Free Insurance

Latest Details LPG means LPG connection, petroleum companies provide personal accident cover to the customer.

This insurance up to Rs 50 lakh is in the form of financial assistance in case of accident due to gas leakage or explosion from LPG cylinder.

For your information, let us know that while booking LPG cylinders, LPG customers do not have to pay much for this insurance.

Compensation received after the LPG cylinder bursts is insurance under a public liability policy, under which no insurance is taken in the name of a person.

This type of insurance is in the name of LPG customers and their relationships with whom the accident occurred after the LPG cylinder explosion.

In the case of LPG cylinder explosions, if the insurance company does not pay compensation or less compensation,

the aggrieved party can appear in court against the insurance payer during this situation.

For your information, it allows you to know that the court determines the amount of compensation calculated on the age factor,

income and other conditions of the victim after the LPG cylinder bursts.

As you know, death, fire or damage to the building can also occur after LPG cylinder blast.

Considering these aspects, compensation is provided after assessing the damage.

For your information, the insurance company gives you the compensation amount after the LPG cylinder bursts. But after the accident caused by the explosion of LPG cylinder,

the victim or his relatives need to make a claim with the insurance company.

Likewise,  If the aggrieved party does not claim compensation, they will not be able to take any compensation for it.

Meanwhile,  The distributor receives compensation from the victim or his family after the accident. The insurance firm deposits the claim amount with the concerned gas dealer,
after which the victim or his family receives the amount. Therefore, we recommend you use the LPG cylinder carefully, and if you face the event of LPG cylinder, claim compensation with insurance.

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