Kheduto na khata ma 18000 Jama thase by News Report

Kheduto na khata ma 18000 Jama thase by News Report

Kheduto na khata ma 18000 Jama thase by News Report

Kheduto na khata ma

AHMEDABAD: On the next 25th of December, the day of rule will be spent at Atal’s mark by Narendra Modi. On the same day

At 12:00 noon, the people of Dashain will be informed about the importance of agriculture and agriculture. As well as their handiwork. The assistance will be credited to the accounts of nine crore farms under the “Dhanmi Kasan Saman Nidhi” scheme in a lump sum of Rs 18 crore each.

Addressing the Valu meeting, Jaratu BJP Dash Ayya C.R. Patlejan says I am going to run for India on December 25, Prime Minister Atal Behar Vajpayee’s birthday Is victorious. Every year’s birthday is termed as ‘Rule Day’ by the BJP.

The BJP government under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi is united with the poor as well as the farmers with the goal of Yodai. For this all present and future

The delegates, officials and members of the organization also visited every part of Gujarat at the same time.
The appeal was tax.

As mentioned in the Patal Page Kimat, the performance of the Page Kimat by the BJP in Kansam Rai is going very well. All for this Congratulations were sent to the functionaries. In addition to this, it is important to include people from all walks of life who are involved in business.

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Amitbhai Shah, Vijaybhai Pani, Nitinbhai Patal and Parsom Pala were present on the occasion.
I will also give you an example of the performance of Page Kim. Thank you very much for your kind words.
On December 21, at 5:00 pm, the BJP will hold a sit-in. Attendees, MLAs and MPs present on Patal, Jala BJP
Khu / Mahamis, a meeting was held with the Echaj Sath of Jalani local Varaj Tani. Parmar, K.C. Membrane,
Shadsharan bha, ten remedies i. Kad, Gordhan Zadafya, Dash Kasan Morcha’s Ai Babulaya, Dash Vakta Bharat Pada and Dash BJP’s
The edges were present

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