DYSo Class-III main written examination Notification

DYSo Class-III main written examination Notification

DYSo Class-III main written examination Notification

DYSo Class-III main written examination Notification

For recruitment on the posts of Deputy Section Officer and Deputy Mamlatdar, Class-3 (J.No.40 / 2016-20) on 08/12/2017

The provisional result of the primary test held daily is announced on 10/02/2050. All who pass this test
Candidates will have to apply “Online” for the Main Examination (Written) in turn.
Filled the “Online” application form till 15.00 on 30/10/2030 and required documents (12/04/2050 till 19.00).
Upload will have to be made on 09/10/2030 at 9:45 am. Application forms and certificates received from Candidates.

Recruitment Rules for Recruitment, Recruitment (Examination) Rules and Publicity Requirements
The work order will be given for admission in the main examination (written).
No correspondence will be considered against Iorna’s money.

: Candidates for the main written examination should take note of the following important facts:

1. Those who have applied for the loan at the right time and have been paid by the employer to get the loan at the right time.

  • Candidates will be entitled to a compensation of up to 20 hours per hour. In addition to the candidates who have to apply for the scholarship.
  • If not, but if there is a problem / difficulty in taking due to physical disability, then Umde Varon will be given per hour on the basis of medical certificate.
  • The repayment period of 30 minutes is subject to the payment of the amount due.
  • . The main written examination will be held on a regular basis in the program as shown below.

. How to upload the application form and document for the main examination online: 1. Https: // gpscojas for filling up the main exam application form.

Gujarat.gov.in will be available on the site. Go to the call letter / form section on the web site and click on the main exam call letter / form.

Then select your job in the selected job and you will have to confirm and enter the date of birth and click on the ok button.

Will have to be done. By doing so, the following information filled in the application form of the primary examination will be seen in which the candidate will be able to ask.


(2) Educational Qualification

(3) Mobile No. .

After completing the above procedure, you will have to click on the save and lock button.
The application has to be submitted. The above information will be saved as soon as possible. You will not be able to save it later. ૬.Save
And from where will you get the message to upload the docnet on https://gpsc-iass.gujarat.gov.in on Umde Var’s mobile number.
If it is of reserved level then print main exam form and upload documents will be given online tab. Own by clicking on upload documents online
Document will have to be uploaded immediately.

If the candidate is of unreserved level

(1) print post office Challan

(2) online payment of fees

(3) check your payment status

(4) online payment receipt

(5) print main exam form

(6) upload documents online tab will be given by clicking on it

You will have to upload your own document at any time.Candidates  reserve level paid Rs. 150 / – will have to be paid online

Fees can be paid if the candidate has paid the fees online and the fee money has been deducted from the bank and he has not been able to access it.

If so, the candidate can find out by clicking on check your payment status in Help / Query. . Print post office to pay the fee in post office

Get a printout by clicking on the challan at the nearest computer service post office for Rs. 150 / – fee + postal service charges have to be paid and the currency has to be obtained. Candidates of reserved category will have to pay their examination fee in full. 10.

Frequent instructions for uploading the document are displayed on the home page of https://gpsc-iass.gujarat.gov.in portgol, item number 4, click here to view guidelines for uploading application scrutiny documents. Candidates who have to check the dossier before uploading the docs.

Instructions and summary of the above para-3 dated 09/10/2050, online application forms up to 12.00 Rs. Only candidates who will be uploaded on .in will be able to download the call letter of the main (written) examination and only such candidates will be able to appear in the main examination.

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