Chunarivala mataji ambaji | prahlad jani charada full information.

Chunarivala mataji ambaji | prahlad jani charada full information.

Chunarivala mataji ambaji | prahlad jani charada full information.

Chunarivala mataji ambaji | prahlad jani charada full information.

Prahlad jani death reason

Ambaji. Chundiwala Mataji, who has been living without food and water for the last 86 years in the famous pilgrimage destination of Ambaji in Gujarat, has passed away at the age of 91. Chundiwala Mataji’s original name was Prahladbhai Jani. They have passed away at Charada. For the last 86 years, Chundiwala Mataji has not taken food or water. Her body will be kept in Ambaji for two days so that the devotees can have a final darshan of Mataji. In March, rumors of Chundiwala Mataji’s demise spread on social media. But they left him late Tuesday (today) night.

Who was Chundiwala Mataji?

Prahladbhai Jani, a native of Charada village, is famous all over the country and abroad as Chundiwala Mataji. This Mataji has not eaten or drunk for the last 86 years.

The costume of Chundiwala Mataji shows that he was a hermit.

Mataji’s dress was with a white beard and no nose and a red dress.

There is a belief among people that worshiping Chundiwala Mataji removes all sorrows.

Narendra Modi continues to get Baba’s blessings

Ayodhya: Baba, famous among devotees by the name of Chunri Wali Mata, has a close relationship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Baba blessed Narendra Modi to become the Chief Minister while performing the aarti of the Mother Goddess.

but he accepted with full respect the blessings of Baba, who is considered a fakir. This was not the first time that Narendra Modi was with Baba. In those days, he often went to seek Baba’s blessings.

Later, when the blessings of Baba came true, in spite of the busyness of the post of Chief Minister, Modi occasionally reached Ambaji to seek his blessings.

During one such meeting in 2009, Baba blessed the Chief Minister to become Prime Minister. Although by then Narendra Modi had left his mark as the Chief Minister but he was not far away as a contender for the Prime Minister.

However, this blessing of Baba also grew and after the swearing in 2014, Prime Minister Baba did not forget to pay his gratitude. Now this Baba is predicting Modi to become Prime Minister again.

Detailed Information About Chundaliwala Mataji

  • Ahmedabad / Palanpur. Prahlad Jani, popularly known as ‘Chundi Wala Mataji’, who lived without food and water for nearly 76 years, died late Monday at Charada village in Gandhinagar district.
  • He was 93. Jani’s ashram is close to the famous pilgrimage site of Mount Ambaji. His order will be made on May 28 at 8:15 am near his ashram.
  • Johnny came into the limelight when he claimed to live without food and water for dcades. His life was a surprise to doctors and scientists.
  • About ten years ago, in 2010, he teamed up with the Defense Institute for Physiology and Applied Sciences (DAPAS) under the Ministry of Defense, Government of India, with the then renowned neurosurgeon Padma Shri Dr. Did research on that.
  • However, He was kept under observation from 22 April 2010 to 6 May 2010.
  • This research suggests that they can live without water and food.
  • The research was an attempt to find out if Jani had anything special that could lead a normal life without food and water.
  • Jani was first put under surveillance in the same hospital in 2003 also.
  • Jani was born in Charada village of Mansa tehsil of Gandhinagar district. From an early age she used to dress like Mataji.

Chundadivala Mataji (Prahlad Jani), address : Near Gabbar, GJ SH 54, Gujarat 385110

Prahlad Jani (Chundadivala Mataji) Death Date : 26 May 2020 (1929-2020)

Prahlad Jani (Chundadivala Mataji) Death Place : Charada

Prahlad Jani (Chundadivala Mataji) Age : 90 Years (1929-2020)

How did prahlad jani (Chundadivala Mataji) died : The monk, who claimed to have lived without food or water for eight decades, died early on 26 May 2020, Tuesday due to illness also.

Prahlad jani ashram address : Charada,  Gujarat, 382810

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