AnyRoR Gujarat 7/12 and 8A Utara Land Records Gujarat

AnyRoR Gujarat 7/12 and 8A Utara Land Records Gujarat

Latest AnyRoR Gujarat 7/12 and 8A Utara Land Records Gujarat

AnyRoR Gujarat 7/12 and 8A Utara Land Records Gujarat

Anyror | Any ror | Anyror Gujarat | Land Records | : Hello, Welcome to Bharat Portal. The Government of Gujarat has launched a portal called Anyror, through which the Gujarat land records are easily obtained. Today we will provide you information about Anyror (Land Record) portal. With the help of this portal, you will check your land record information in just a few seconds. As you know, Digital Gujarat Portal is a single desk of multiple services. So, through Digital Gujarat Portal, you may also check your land records.

What is AnyRor Gujarat?

Gujarat Revenue Department is providing land records through Anyror ( like Map of Bhulekh, Khasra, Khatauni number, copy of Khatauni and other facilities. You can check the land records of 225 talukas and 26 districts of Gujarat by using Anyror Gujarat Portal. If you want to buy or sell a land in Gujarat then it is necessary that you must see the land record map. Any citizen of the state can view the records of agricultural land from Anyror Online Portal without any fee. Also, you can easily get information about the land owner’s name, land area, and land type, etc. With the help of this portal, you can verify the status of the Urban and Rural areas and the land sold.

Benefits of Anyror Gujarat Scheme –

This portal protect the rights of the owner of the land.

It helps to get a loan from a bank.

You can check your land record in just a few seconds using Anyror.

Types of Land Records in Gujarat AnyRoR

  • VF7: Village Form 7 is known as 7/12 or Satbara Utara.
  • VF 8A: Village Form 8A provides Khata details.
  • VF6: Village Form 6 registers which maintain by Talati or Village Accountant to integrate day to day changes in the land record.
  • 135 D: 135 D is a Notice to Mutation. When you apply for Mutation, Talati prepares Notice 135D.

ROR Issuance process

If you are a landowner, you can get the print of Record of Rights (ROR) online without submitting any manual application from the Taluka office also. With the E-Dhara portal, you can obtain the 7/12 document even if you are aware of only one of these things- survey number, khata number, farm name or landowner name also. The operator will be able to search the database and will confirm the details with you, before printing the document also.

AnyRoR Gujarat Official Portal :

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