Advantages of touching the feet of elders

Advantages of touching the feet of elders

New Advantages of touching the feet of elders


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In Hinduism, stereotypes are regarded as a series of beliefs and rites. Whereas younger people feel older than themselves. However, even in the form of respect, elders are felt. But let me tell you that there are many benefits to footwear that prove to be beneficial for both individuals.

However, in the past, when people wake up in the morning, they are blessed with their parents on their feet, whereas in today’s time, elders are only worshiped on a special occasion or festival. Let us point out that there are many benefits to not only culturally but scientifically. Research has also been shown by scientists that the tradition of footing benefits both physically and mentally.

On foot, the elderly hand goes to the head which experiences a relaxation and positivity. However, there is also a scientific reason for footing which is linked to the physical, mental and conceptual development of a person. Scientists believe that this process creates a circuit if the hands and feet of two different persons are touched with each other. The exchange of cosmic energy in the body becomes very fast. Including positive energy.

According to scientists, there are many benefits of footwear that we will tell you today. According to scientists, blessing is done by turning your head against the head of the person when the person touching the toes does not touch the person’s head. A certain type of energy is transmitted to the veins of the feet It originates from a feeling of fear in the minds of self-esteem and positivity.

According to scientists, there is an aura, ie aura, around the body of a person. Along with changing thoughts and behaviors, the body’s aura has also changed. Whenever one feels on foot, he shows affection and modesty towards him. Falls, which makes us feel the love, blessing and the feeling. Energy emerges and positive thoughts arise between the two. It relieves any bad thoughts or negatives and makes the mind feel at peace.

There are many foot movements. The most important thing is that foot exercises also involve physical exercise. Feeling downward relaxes the waist and back beads. Feeling sitting on the knees puts pressure on the joints of the body which relieves joint pain. The eyes are also resting. Besides, the blood circulation in the head is very good.

In addition to scripture, the tradition of following has been given a lot of importance. The blessings of elderly parents can help to make our good fortune and happiness. Feeling increases the life expectancy, education, achievement, strength, etc. The blessings of the elders prove to be very rewarding, which is why elders or parents are blessing their children. Opens up several ways to get there.

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