5 Reasons Why salt is good for health

5 Reasons Why salt is good for health

5 Reasons Why salt is good for health

No matter how many dishes we make in our kitchen, there is one ingredient whose absence makes the dish faint – salt. Salt which is also called sabras enhances the taste of food and also gives soda to the dish. But this salt is just as beneficial for our health as it is for food. In general, we all know that eating too much salt causes blood pressure problems, but do you know what happens if you don’t eat salt ??

If we do not use salt, it causes blood clots and circulation problems. Salt gives flavor to the food, as well as helps maintain the food. Eating unsalted food for too long can lead to paralysis.

5 Reasons Why salt is good for health

Natural salt that is made from sea water should be eaten in salt agar. In color, it is light brown, which may not be visible to the naked eye. Natural salt is a little expensive but it is rich in minerals. When salt is formed, it contains many important nutrients from the soil.

Whether it is kitchen or Ayurvedic herbs, the presence of salt is inevitable. The custom of buying salty salt on the eve of Diwali to make the year go well is still seen in our society. The ritual of placing Aquarius at the time of entering the house is considered incomplete without salt. Moreover, in the Roman Empire, salt was used as a financial commodity. Negative prices do not enter the house by killing the salt itself in the house.

5 Reasons Why salt is good for health

There are many types of salt – Sindhav, Sanchal, Beed Salt, Ghasiyunnamak, Audrid Salt, Krishna Salt, Romak Salt, Barley Khar and Saji Khar etc.

In common parlance, there are only 2 types of salt that we use in our daily life.

1. Sea salt

2. Rocky salt

Today we will see the miraculous benefits, uses and remedies apart from the taste of salt which is very simple and beneficial.

Salt is found in many ways and in many forms, which differ due to our various uses.
Salt also called sodium chloride.

The benefits of salt in the body,

  • With the help of sodium in our body, the level of fluid inside and outside the blood particles is maintained.
  • Iodized salt is a great source of iodine in the body. Iodine is essential for the regulation of thyroid gland in the body.
  • The thyroid gland is very important in the development of children’s brain and bones. Otherwise iodine deficiency and other serious diseases can occur in the child.
  • Working in the hot sun, if you have a heat stroke, add salt to the water and drink it to get relief.

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